Company claims #AlexFromTarget was a marketing ploy but Alex denies it

Was the #AlexFromTarget hoopla just a clever marketing ploy? That's what one company is claiming-- but those involved, including Alex from Target himself, aka Alex Family Dentists near Me Laboeuf-- say the marketing company taking credit had nothing to do with the huge social media trend.

The CEO of a company called Breakr claimed his company started the hashtag in a lengthy post published on LinkedIn on Monday.

"Yesterday, we had fun on Twitter with the hashtag #AlexFromTarget which ended up to be one of the most amazing social media experiments ever," wrote Dil-Domine Jacobe Leonares. "We wanted to see how powerful the fangirl demographic was by taking a unknown good-looking kid and Target employee from Texas to overnight viral Internet sensation."

Leonares claims his company then added "fuel Dental Professionals to the fire by tweeting about it to our bigger YouTube influencers" and later posted Dentists parody images to keep the trend going.

But Laboeuf, who now has 588,000 Twitter followers, spoke out against Leonares.

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